April 28, 2011

It is Going To Be a Great Day

Good Day

It is the third day of me being sick. Am still getting used to it because I don't get sick. I am usually nastier than all the nasty viruses combined but this time i got defeated. What's worse is i can't come near Yllac. I am so jealous and guilty and sad and so depressed but i have to quarantine myself and let all these bug of microorganism fight its battle and hope for the good guys to win the soonest so I can finally hold Yllac.

This morning I waved at Yllac, he saw me and he smiled. He knows me! My baby knows me. He cried a bit upon seeing me, it broke my heart but that's a good sign right? He misses me.

Oh my! I need to get better. Mommies are not supposed to get sick. It's just unfair. But It is going to be a good Thursday. Am feeling much better this morning. A little bit of a headache, but so far the sneezing has stopped. I have a feeling tomorrow is the day. I will get better.

By the way, I wanna thank my vitamin F (friends) for all the medications they recommended. You guys are awesome. I didn't know that Vicks VapoRub are still on the market. hihihihih. That sticky/minty ointment is sooooooo good.

Have a great Thursday everyone. Don't get sick please.

1 comment:

Che Barcelona said...

feel beta soon Denise!!!! :)


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