April 30, 2011

I Just Had To Share

IN2IT waterproof blush set MB 03 affinity

IN2IT moisture release lipstick Flamingo
IN2IT lasting colour lipstick Flambe

  • IN2IT waterproof blush set MB 03 Affinity.
  • IN2IT moisture release lipstick MR 08 Flamingo
  • IN2IT lasting colour lipstick DL 04 Flambe
I will never be a good critique. I can't do a movie review, food review and make up review. Anything that needs to be reviewed I cannot do that. With my limited words such as "this is bad", "this is awesome", "that was horrible", and that one-liner "OHMYDOG!" - see the picture? Okay, so I can't elaborate much, but this IN2IT make up i got maybe three weeks ago is sooo fantabulous. The blush is so good it makes a perfect replacement for my Body Shop blush i've been using since 2007, but was discontinued for sometime. So I am screwed forever. When i saw a review from Project Vanity about IN2IT's waterproof gel liner it got me so curious that on our next mall trip to the city I went straight to the make up department which is unusual because make up is like Math to me. I hate it. It's part of the school that i have to learn. Even though how many times it's taught on me, I will never get it. So back to the make up. The girl assisting me is nice enough to assess the best color that suit me. I tried some and finally ended up getting these and one waterproof gel liner I haven't had the chance to use. Blush and lipstick to me is like addition and subtraction. It's easy. Eye make up is advanced math. It will take me hours to put and blend colors but I will always get the wrong result.

I hope this isn't confusing to you as it is to me. Go check IN2IT. They're one cool make up. Happy weekends!


Pammy said...

A makeup post!!! :P The blush looks gorgeous! :P

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i've been wearing the in2it gel blush since college...it's a no-fuss make-up item for me as it lasts the whole day. <3

ps. this reminds me, i still have a product to review that were sent to me ages ago...i feel so guilty.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
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Anonymous said...

Oh I love in2it too, juice ko ang ganda na ng skin mo mommy den :) I dont think you need make-up! but then parang i want to try in2it blush! :) thanks for sharing!


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