April 12, 2011

I Feel The Need To Comment On Your Comment

I can live without Shoes
I can live without Shoes
I can live without Shoes
I can live without Shoes

I respect every one's opinion and i don't have any plans of killing anyone that doesn't agree with me. I won't argue because there's no use of arguing because in this lifetime no one is right and less right. But when i read this, i feel that i need to explain more. Because it almost killed me.

I love you all and i love getting comments from you. They brighten up my day when am just feeling down. For me blogging is a great blessing because i got to meet a lot of wonderful people through this blog and am just thankful for that. Also through this blog my small world got bigger. But when someone said , there are so many things in this world much more important than shoes, clothes and make up, it sunken my heart a bit.

Sure there are more important things in life, but there are little, insignificant things in life that makes life worth living too. I can live without shoes but that will be painful. I can live without clothes but that's just scandalous. I can live without make up but that's just terrorizing to some people. You see, we all need these things for life to be pleasant for all of us. Having more than enough isn't materialism. It is simply called blessings. If you think that I am hosting a materialistic blog then it's up to you not to visit me anymore.

I blog these little, insignificant things because in these small things i find portion of my joy in life. And Id like to believe and strongly feel that bloggers are the happiest people on Earth. We shriek at the sight of pretty things, of colorful things and we decorate ourselves with them. We find happiness in dressing up and we share that passion. And we like to look pleasant not just for us but for others too. We're aware of the problems of the world. Our blogs has no intention of distracting you from much more important things. We do not promote hate, we do not promote war. Sometimes the generality of life is depressing. So we try to look at beautiful things that makes us happy. And personally I will continue to love shoes and hope to inflict that love to my son and hopefully, someday a daughter to show them that God blesses us with material things we need in life and that we should always be thankful and appreciative of them. And it is such a joy to see someone appreciate what you give them right?

I believe in living my life to the fullest. In good, loving, funny God, in marriage, in friendship, in family, in true love, in sharing and giving and in more-than-enough shoes.

Thank you for your time and for reading. I wish we all live happily ever after.

ps, aren't you thankful for make up? Make up gives us a face every single day, whenever our real face isn't ready to face the world yet especially every morning. Make up is one of the greatest invention of mankind next to deodorant and toothpaste. So thank God for all of these.

pps, i am not preaching. Just saying.


Nina Lacson said...

I LOVE THIS ENTRY; well said! :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen a hater post a comment in one of your blogs... (that one was way out of line)... this one naman, it's good you felt the need to explain... kasi some people always need further explanation on things, walang easy grasp :D i would have given him/her the benefit of the doubt na "baka wrong choice of words lang and that it wasnt written to make us feel awful...especially that there's a praise on the latter part of the comment" but then --- why post anonymously right?!

Anyhoo, I love material things and I won't be ashamed of it too... well my blog is more of a food blog so will people accuse me of gluttony as well?


mommyWYT said...

very well said denise!

Rose said...

Hey Denise,
I had a similar comment on the last post I put up about my recent clothing purchases.
Someone sent a comment saying "What about using that money to help more animals in desperate need? I stopped buying clothes a long time ago. Super waste of money IMO" of course it was also posted my an anonymous reader.
Everyone chooses what to spend their money on, and who is anyone to say to us that we shouldnt buy shoes or clothes with our hard earned money.
I write my blog so I can enjoy thinking and writing and posting about positive things in my life, if any one wants to bring their negative comments to mine, yours or any other blogs, I suggest that they just stop reading.


herroyalbleakness said...

First comment, tho ive been reading your posts all the time :)

Blog your heart out, i say. Only a handful will be negative bout it anyway; your page brings joy and inspiration to a lot more people than the haters.

i really wonder what's up with these people who conclude that posts like your 'Dear J' post renders you too materialistic.

it's simply called sharing a bunch of fab finds.

love. your. blog.

herroyalbleakness said...

On the commenter,

methinks Anonymous aint a hater, so don't fret, Denise. :)

baka hindi na-dig the satiric tone of your "prayer".

By Sara Romero said...

haha YES, blogger power :) you get it girl lol i love how you said we shriek at the sight of pretty things bc i know i sure do!


Michelle said...


Plus, great photos! :)

T. said...

Great post!
I almost expected someone (someone anonymous of course) would leave a negative comment on your last post.

// krissy ♥ said...

Ditto with everything you said :)

Melai said...

This is why you inspired me to put up my own little blog. Because even though we may not be on the same generation (sorry didn't mean on making you look that old), we both have different interests, jobs, love-life status, experiences, background, and all that, your writing makes me see through your heart. And even if (that is if, haha) we don't share the same interest in fashion, your inspiring words will still keep on giving me that encouragement to keep on doing what I do thinking that I may touch someone's life (even just one) out there. :)

I heart you,
Melai of Style and Soul

B-in-To said...

This person wrote this bad comment about your blog because this person is not in front of you.It's so easy to hide behind a computer and put someone else down.Some people have a low sel esteem and they doing this just to feel good.What a shame.I don't know you personnaly but everyone can see that you're just sharing about your style your life and you don't show off.Anyway haters gonna hate lovers gonna love.

krystle said...

Hi Denise,

Came across your blog from Lauren's and this is my first comment. Anonymous commenter just probably don't see eye to eye with fashion blogging, so don't feel bad about it. Fashion is about material things plain and simple. And if you like fashion then that does not make you a lesser person for wanting material things. If fashion blogging makes you happy, then continue to write about shoes and dress and make up!:) No one has the right to bring you down. You make us happy by doing this blog of yours.:) I don't like shopping but I like seeing pretty things too that's why fashion blogs like yours and the rest of those I read serves as an avenue of inspiration and a bit of happiness in this crazy life.:)

KD faustino said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! I've been blogging for 2 years now and I've gotten one hate mail. It was anonymous too and sadly, I think it's from a "friend"...people can say whatever they want to say but why can't they say it without being anonymous?? Cowards.

ladawan said...

loving material things doesnt mean we don't care about other things around us. we have our own little ways to accept bad things around us and we do that through material things. i do love shoes and make-up too and other sort of things that will look us good. i actually posted something about make up, and like you i use these things to cover my worries. if i don't do that, i might loose my sanity. check this if you have time, and definitely you'll agree with me.http://thealolavie.blogspot.com/2011/03/ive-never-seen-smiling-face-that-was.html
i support muk-ap and shoeesss..mabuhey!

Smarla said...

we all have our luho :) for others it's food, travel, clothes, movies etc.

So don't worry :)


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