April 23, 2011

Alphabetically Speaking You're Okay

baby and a boxer

baby and a boxer
baby and a boxer
baby and a boxer

a - you're adorable
b - you're so beautiful
c - you're so cute and full of charm
d - you're a darling
e - you're exciting
f - you're a feather in my arms
g - you're so good to me
h - you're so heavenly
i - you`re the `I` that idolize
j - we're like jack and jill
k - you're so kissable
l - you're the lovelife in my eye
m,n,o,p I could go on all day
q,r,s,t alphabetically speaking, you're okay
u - make my life complete
v - makes you very sweet
It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what it meeeeeans to meeeee

Hello everyone!

love & kisses,
koffy and yllac


Mom Fashion World said...

Ang sweet naman ni Koffy to Yllac :-)
Big brother nga.

Anonymous said...

aww. you remind me of the movie "marley and me". you have a beautiful son and an adorable dog. :)


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