April 24, 2011

Summer Uniform

Gold Dot Bertha
Gold Dot Bertha
Gold Dot Bertha
Gold Dot Bertha

Hello friends. How's your summer doing so far? You don't want to hear mine and my opinion about the heat here in the Philippines. In this time of year, my brain shrinks. But i wanted to like it and make it enjoyable as much as possible. I really do. So, here I am, just keeping it breezy my friends. Will wear something like this for the whole summer. A skirt, plus 3-size-bigger-than-me-cotton t-shirt. Anything more than this is suicide.

Have a great evening, and oh, happy Easter.


I am not myself lately. I like myself better years ago when I don't know anything much. I am asocial. I must accept that. I want a reset button. Where in my mind ,it is just me and no one else. Having too many people to please isn't healthy. Sometimes it's a good thing that we are not aware. Id like to go back to that. Do you know what I mean?

t-shirt: H&M
skirt: thrift
Mango bag: gift from my friend Jade
feather earrings: gift from my friend Abhie
shoes: Gold Dot


Anonymous said...

I love your shoes.


Jing said...

i want your shades,Ms.D! ;)

Lauren said...

Oversized shirts are loooove. Especially if they're from H&M, cos their basics are srsly awesome. :)

kiakiakiakia said...

love your shoes and your necklace is so cute

GIAA said...

what a lovely look!




Anonymous said...

hi denise! i sent an email last week to harukijayden@yahoo.com inquiring about one of your dresses :) hope to receive a reply soon! thanks :)

Hazey said...

great outfit, and love your shoes!



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