April 28, 2011

Soooper Cool Belts

Love belt

I received these belts a while ago from Clarice Teves of Highly Waisted Belts. They're awesome and perfect for my urgent need for some kind of waist-illusion. After giving birth, my body is slowly going back to it's non-pregnant size but my mid section is still five months pregnant. Not cool at all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Clarice. I am grateful and I really appreciate these beautiful belts.

By the way, Clarice is doing some sort of super cool project. She's reworking Ukay finds to raise funds and send scholars of Pandi Bulacan to school and together with her friends they're hand painting shirts for a fund raising project called WE HEART JAPAN, proceeds will go to the victims of the recent tsunami-earthquake of Japan. Let's help in any way we can. Doing one great thing is impossible, only small deeds with great love and concern. - Amen. c",)

Please visit her store (jadore le vintage) and buy something. I am telling you, she's really good. I have a special request for her that am gonna wear somewhere special soon. It's so exciting am gonna die.

Told you, today is good. Plus am feeling much better. Yey. Thank you awesome God for Clarice. She's one super cool angel.

ps, Highly Waisted Belts is also available at Chocolate Clothing Co., Trinoma & Galleria branches.


iamjillyace said...

cool belts!! <3

Ayis said...

Because you're a soooper cool blogger and a soooper cool mom to your baby and hubby...you deserve my soooper cool belts!!!!

Excited for our project ;-)



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