April 14, 2011

Big Love

sandie lace up booties

sandie lace up booties
sandie lace up booties
sandie lace up booties

  • I love my little town. So many beautiful places undiscovered (by me) and as you can see still uncrowded. Perfect for picture taking for a bit shy like me.
  • I love this dress because this served as my pregnancy uniform especially on my last trimester. It's comfy. So Breezy.
  • Last, but not the least, I love Sandie. She makes me feel so tall. These boots are definitely made for walking.
dress: thrift
bag: Folded and Hung
Sandie Booties: Shoe Etiquette


Lauren said...

That dress is so you! Have I mentioned that you really cute with short hair? :)

Mom Fashion World said...

I like your shoes, Mommy Denise!

Sarah A. said...

I have a crush on Sandie, too bad my foot size is 11 :( (cry)

Love Bataan too! :)

Hazel said...

your smile on your last photo is sooo beautiful :) sandie the shoes rock!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful!!!!!! :) You look amazing!!

dred said...

i love your dress! :)


fashioneggpplant said...

i love that dress sooo much! been seeing sandie look-alikes all over lookbook lately :)

Rosanna said...

cute shoes :)


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