April 22, 2011

It's So Fluffy Hot Am Gonna Die

husband's shirt

husband's shirt
husband's shirt
husband's old shirt
husband's shirt

I borrowed my husband's old shirt for more ventilation. The summer heat here is so despicable you just wanna drown. I'm sorry, I haven't been anywhere to make a comparison, so ignore what i said. But it's really so hot, it's impossible to move around.

But anyway, happy Black Friday everyone. The whole Philippines is enjoying the perks of Holy week since last Wednesday I guess. It's a looong holiday. So enjoy the rest of your vacation.

husband's shirt
skirt: thrift
bag: Celine
shoes and necklace: gift from mom


Michelle said...

I loooooove the purse!!

seibufashion said...

i want your shoes and bag :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

wow that necklace looks great on you. love the bag because of the two colors. the leopard print looks smashing. the curry/yellow color looks fabulous with your dark brown hair. and did you notice that it has the exact same color as the grass!!!

Mom Fashion World said...

I heard nga sobrang mainit na jan sa Pinas.
Huh, mas okay lang 'yan kesa dito malamig.
Btw, ang gaganda ng pics mo.

27chic said...

i love the bag and the shoes!

Ahjh said...

Hi. I'm one of your blog's followers. I just wonder, who takes pictures of your OTDs? They're always nice kasi. =)

Melai said...

love your bag ate denise :)

Melai of Style and Soul


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