April 8, 2011

Right Now


...when I close my eyes, really really close my eyes, i believe that I am the best wife, - no not just the best wife, but the greatest wife in the world. I am a great cook. There's always food at home. I can make and bake anything my husband want. That my head is filled with recipes and food plan for the whole day. My house is squeaky clean. No dust. No crumble. Everything is organized and placed where it should be.

But then .....

... i open my eyes, our house is a chaos.

I am not a cook. But I know 4 recipes - black adobo, white adobo, adobong tuyo and chicken-pork-adobo-in-one. I wish I am a woman that plans dishes for the whole week. I wish I know how to operate an oven. I wish I did not forgot to buy toothpaste the last time we went to the groceries. But I am an efficient wife because I made the lasts of our toothpaste last for a week. It was paper thin now but we still manage to squeeze some out of it. And am proud of that.

I wish i am good at folding our clothes. Or at least has the patience for it. I wish that my husband's undies and socks don't mix in complete disaster. At least he'd go to his work wearing matching socks. I wish I have the energy to iron all of our clothes right after they were all laundered. I wish i remember where the last time i kept Yllac's hair brush. I wish i have the will power to teach Yllac to teethe on his teether and not on my pinkie.

There are days that I don't feel up to it and there are days that am on fire.

Today is one of those off days but at least I've finally launched my shoe store.

So it's not bad at all.

And oh, have I told you that Yllac is teething now? It's so cute, those little white tooth on his lower gum. I don't know, but those tooth made me feel a bit of accomplishment somehow.

But I know tomorrow, it will be a better day.


Ann said...

More power (and energy) Ms. Denise, ! ^^,

Michelle said...

The start is always the hardest part. You'll get used to it! Goood luck!!

belle said...

I think that all mothers feel that at one point or another...but you're probably doing better than you think.

you need not be a superwoman to be a great wife or mother...you just love them the best way you can, everyday.

Big cyber hug.

yiqin; said...

Lovely shot of you <3

duckalicious said...

oh come on, babe! fortunately, the times when a woman was worth only as much as her skills of a housewife, are long gone. you should see our flat, it's total chaos and we don't even have a baby ;D and you know how they say: a clean house is a sign of a wasted life! =)


Khlaren said...

This post is so cute and sweet! I know you'll be able to do everything soon! Good luck :)

thegreenhairclip said...

i'm just curious. who cooks for the family? hehe :) or, adobo in different variety daily. hehe :)

congrats on your store, denise! :) huzzah!

Apple Adventure said...

i feel you. there are days like that. just breath.

tribal-fox said...

this is beautiful!

Nina said...

Take it a day at a time. ;)
anyway, in reply to your comment: you just wash it like any other shirt but make sure you wont tumble dry it.


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