June 19, 2011

From Dad To Grampa

from dad to grampa

I KNOW! okay, okay, okay...spot the difference.

Dear Dad,

I know how much you wanted to hold Yllac. That's not a problem. Let me remind you that I was once a baby you know, so just take a look back some 31 years ago, you've carried Yllac in your arms and you're not even aware of it. It's like back to the future, only It's real and kinda weird. So when you meet Yllac (that's very soon) it's like seeing me once again as your own little baby. I hope you like that. I love you Dad. You've raised me well. Now you can relax and be a cool/"spoiler-alert" grampa. Wow,you even have a new title now - Grampa, but you're always a Dad to me, so Happy Father's Day!



Sally said...

Den, wow, carbon copy? hahaha. so cute!!! cant wait to hold Yllac too! Miss you guys

Mrs.Zeus said...

Happy Father's day to your dad!

Michelle said...

Such a sweet post!!!!! =) Happy Fathers' Day to him!


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