June 8, 2011

Meet Cammie

Cammie Wedge Bootie
Cammie Wedge Bootie
Cammie Wedge Bootie
Cammie Wedge Bootie
Cammie Wedge Bootie
Cammie Wedge Bootie

Cammie and I are doing great. She made everything easy for me as we grocery shopped and sent out almost two dozen shoes this afternoon. She's an easy going companion because of her special character to blend well with all the colors of the rest of my outfit. Isn't she great? I love her.

Also, I love today. It's cold, it's raining, it's nice to cozy up. And I love you most of all for being so amazingly supportive of Shoe Etiquette. I just launched the June collection two nights ago and everything's almost sold out. Now I can sleep well. You know that feeling of excitement? It just flutters through your stomach and when it did good you can just finally fart all the pressure out. Amazing feeling.

Thank you very much. I will treat you a special shoe giveaway for July. I promise. It's.to.die.for. Okay, but don't die just yet. No free shoe for dead people.

dress: SM Dept. Store
jacket: (old) Jellybean
scarf: from HongKong
Cammie Wedge Booties: Shoe Etiquette


Kookie B. said...

Hang kyut talaga! Can't wait!

Eden said...

babes, cute! it can do so well when you need a much needed oomph for pang-araw2x na stuff. loves! you've got great stocks ha!


modniza said...

hi darling!love your dress and wedges! beautiful look! xooo

Valerie said...

It looks amazing!! Will cross my fingers that you'll have this again. :) xx

sky@laestetica said...

the dress looks lovely. is it sleeveless with collar?

Ayis said...

EXCITED! Thanks Denise!

Ann said...

Eeeeeepppp!!! Just got mine! SUper love it! ^^ Buti na lng size 9 n kinuha ko, =)
Hay nakow mukhang mapipilitan akong mag-outfit post, ^^ super lovely ng shoes not to do an outfit post^^,
and YEY! for Giveaway, ^^

fashioneggpplant said...

i really really want those!!! :)

Claire M. said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love it ;)

Mommy Jes said...

hi sis this is a nice blog!! may i ask what kind of template did you use here? :) Tahnks! ill add you in my blogroll too - www.mameeandmefashion.com

:D see you around!

Khlaren said...

I like your shoes!! So pretty :>

Pehpot said...

wooh can't wait for my Camie :)

belle said...

oh Cammie, you're haunting me!!!


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