June 3, 2011

Gramma Dress

Gramma Dress
Gramma Dress
Gramma Dress
Gramma Dress
Gramma Dress
crossover sandals from Celine
Gramma Dress

I thrifted this dress a year ago. Must have sandwiched it between my blazers thus explain its coming to existence just now. Can't help but think of my late Inang with this dress. The floral print, the material and even the cut brought me back in front of my grandmas closet full of matching blouse and skirt ensemble. I don't have any idea what happened to her dresses after she passed away. I have to ask my Aunt about that, see if I can keep some of her beloved dresses as my way of remembering her.

Hooray for fashionable grandmas.

Happy Friday friends!

dress: thrift
crossover platform sandals: Celine
purse: Quiapo
rings and earings: from Mom


Manila Girl said...

I love this whole outfit! The dress, the sandals, the purse, everything! I can't believe your purse was from Quiapo, I could have mistaken it for an Aranaz. :-)

charmie tamba said...

i likey the dress much!!! :-)

ey thanks for the visit sa blog ko! :D am still 4months away from my popday hehehe... but me and baby are havin so much fun.. he's bein' such a good boy not giving me any prob. :D am enjoying this pregnancy thing, specially the no-more-falling-hair and no-more-broken-nails!

please post more photos of you and yllac! makes me even more excited for my little boy too!!! :D


ghoent said...

beautiful shoes! and i really like the backgrounds and the photography (idk photography terms, lol) of your outfit shots. makes me always wanting to explore the greens of Pinas. =)

modniza said...

hi,Denise! thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog! i love your blog! always reed your blog. love this pics,absolutely beautiful nature! love your outfit ,pretty! xoxo.have a nice week-end! stella from romania.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Yung bag mo, Den akin na lang. hihi! :)

Gessyl Enchanted said...

love the print on that dress! :) where didja take photos? parang haciendera lost in the forest or something, ganda!

sittie rainie limba said...

effect na effect ang bag miss D. bongga ka tlga! hahaha.. stay pretty

roxannelimpante said...

hi miss D, ang bongga talaga ng mga ukay finds mo. done adding your link to mine.. I was wondering maybe if you can also add mine?? please?? it would really mean a LOT to me.. thanks :)

duckalicious said...

lovely bag!


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