June 20, 2011

Monday Love. Acrylic Flower jacket

Acrylic Flower Jacket

Acrylic Flower Jacket from Urbanog.com

As we all know, we can't wear much clothes here in summer. No can't do Amiga. So this jacket is just perfect for our rainy weather right now. It looks happy, enough to cheer up the gloomy mood that comes with cold season. And what else... of course I was smitten by the collar. The catch? It's 31$ plus international shipping cost. A bit expensive for my mommy-budget. So am a go out a little later, visit my favorite fabric shop, hope to find a fabric that will match this floral print and relax because my seamstress is that gooooood. When all else fails, she won't.

By the way, hello friends. How's the celebration of Father's day? The babydaddy wants a low key celebration. All he ever asked for was a crispy pata. It's been a long time since we had one, so crisy pata it is. I know it's not really the healthiest food but what the heck! We're confident we're not gonna die because we prayed for it. You know, turn the fat into something healthy. Okay don't do that.

Happy Monday ladies and gentlegays.


Yna Amores said...

You're lucky to have a good seamstress! Treasure her with your life :)


Michelle said...

I'm on the hunt for a good seamstress!! Things are sooo expensive kasi!

ghoent said...

Your lucky to have found a good seamstress!

And, napatawa ako ng prayer mo, hahaha! =P

Daphne said...

Now you gave me an idea to find a goooood seamstress! Haha. Good luck to me and I can't wait to see the finished product! :)



Li said...

it's so amazing to have someone making clothing for you!!! hope you find the print you look for, xx


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