June 7, 2011

Here is The June Collection for Shoe Etiquette

Amanda Fahrenheit
Yasmine Anne Michelle
Jaydah Qupid
Portia Wild Diva
Cammie Splash
finella Qupid
Portia Wild Rose

Hello friends. Latest collection for Shoe Etiquette has arrived. Click HERE for a happy shopping. Email meeeeeeeeee. Harukijayden@yahoo.com


fashioneggpplant said...

pretty! love the pair in the 5th photo :)

glenn encinares said...

grabe ang gaganda ng shoes:) special the first and second photo

Ann said...

5 pic! I love the wedge-bootie-indian-boho combi! ^^ wah kangina ko pa binabalik balikan ang post mo Denise--parang bibigay n ko at mageemail,huhu..I want the shoes!

Michelle said...

shoelust. No better word for what I'm feeling now.

Jing said...

i kept on staring at the 5th photo.hmmmm

Suz said...

i love the camel shoes!

Miu said...

Sooo beautiful!


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