June 25, 2011

Thank You. What Some Shoes??? Shoe Etiquette Shoe Giveaway (CLOSED)

Shoe Etiquette Giveaway

Hello friends. I love you. I really do. So am a give you a shoe.

This is a fun giveaway, because you'll never know the shoe you're about to get if you win. My purpose is to taunt you. Just use your imagination. One is a wedge and one is a heel. The floral could be a wedge, could be heels. Same goes with the animal print shoe. Just take a pick and it's yours.

Now the dreadful part. The mechanics. Do NOT follow me anywhere. I repeat, do not follow me. Just stay where you are. Do not tell a soul about this giveaway. Atin-atin lang toh. Masungit ako. Don't tell your friend, do not tell even your boyfriend or husband. This is top secret.

Leave your name on the comment section with your pick (floral or animal print shoe) and your shoe size. That's it.

I will announce the winner and launch the new collection for Shoe Etiquette on the 3oth. Come back here on that day, It might be you.

Have a great weekend!

ps, this giveaway is for Philippine aliens only.


Wella said...

Wow. This is exciting.:)
I go for the Floral printed shoe.♥♥
and the shoe size is 8 1/2.

sofiesalvador said...

Mare, this is a mind boggling contest and i love the thrill of it!

very creative! gumagana isip ko :)

Ann said...

Wow, Kakaiba ang giveaway n eto!!! (oopppssss delete the !!! ssshhhhhh) ^^

Oh well here goes: I am Ann Lazo , I want the Floral Printed Shoes and my feet are Size 39. Yey!


Lauren said...

I can't get enough of Shoe Etiqette! I'd like the floral shoe please. Size 6 1/2. :D

excSHOESme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
excSHOESme said...

Size 5
I would be happy if I get the animal print but I won't be sad If ever I get the floral one :)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Oh la la!

Nice but only for Pinoy Aliens. lol

MissGennD said...

Size 7 1/2
I loike the animal print!

sittie rainie limba said...

Sittie Size 8 Loves the floral printed shoe =))

melvel said...

I'm Mel. I like animal prints so I choose that one :)

My size is 10

Weyn said...

I love your approach! :)
I'd also like the floral one please, in 6 1/2 :)

♥Fances♥ said...

Hi Denise!
I'll go for floral.
Size 8 1/2
Frances here.

nonie said...

WOW! I love both but i'll go with the animal print, size 7 please. :)

Iris said...

Size 5

I love this giveaway! No fuss, just shoes. <3

maan said...

would love to have the floral one in 6 please.. :)

Daphne said...

This is so cool! :)
Daphne Huang
Animal print please! size 6


sofiesalvador said...

hmm, I am sofie salvador-morabe (hehe) Size 8 with beautiful eyebrows.

I am joining this give away while praying to the gods of utopia of shoes!

I am drooling, craving and dying to have that animal print that I'll use in upcoming party of my bestfriend!

Maraming Salamat po :)

Rachel said...

Hi! Awesome giveway! No frills, just the exhilaration of it! :)

It's Rachel & I'm a size 7, animal print please. :)

Mimi said...

Camile Flores

Size 8

This is fun!

Lheck said...

animal print!!! size 9.

lani said...


Hi Denise!

I love the floral one in size 7, please? :)

God Bless!

Sarah A. said...

I just have to join this!
And I didn't tell anyone, even Travis.. Swear! :)


Sarah Alconcel
Floral on size 10 :)

Oh, Shoe Etiquette has new collection? Yay! I'm excited! Yay!


Hi den!

Cherry here
I'll pick the floral shoe.
Size 6.5

Pick me

Anonymous said...

Paul Darwin Alcantara
Animal Print

leonajane said...

Leona Jane here!! feeling ko lang lang kakaibang bloom ang idudulot ng floral shoes sa buhay ko. (ok i'm trying to sound creative and wholesome here)

size eight please!!!
i have never won any contests/raffles in my entire life?

can you give me this as a steal? haha!

olaii said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olaii said...

Wow! Exciting! hmm maybe il pick the floral one coz i haven't really had a floral shoe/sandals or whatever. im into classic pieces so it's nice to have something new to try for free! :) God Bless! Hope I win!! :D

Size 6 please! :)

Anonymous said...

hi tita denden si gia po eto.. hhhhmmmmmn,ung floral po maganda pero mganda din po ung animal print.. hula ko po kasya po saken yan pareho,hehehheh.. size 8 po...... hihihihih.. take care po,super cute po ni yllac.....

giahnna antoinette bugay enriquez samal bataan

Maricon said...

Hi den!
Maricon -floral print
size 7

giahnna antoinette b enriquez said...

animal print po size 8

gia po eto

giahnna antoinette bugay enriquez said...

tita denden floral po size 8

gia po eto..

hi yllac cuteeeeeeee................

Krissy said...

Sweeeeeeet ♥

I am Krissy, and I want the floral print shoe, size 7. It's so pretty :)

glenn encinares said...

Hi Denise add my entry:)

I'm Glenn Encinares
I love the floral print shoes
Size 7

Glenn of Gencified

cat creates said...

hi denise. i love your giveaway. d ako nalito :) hehe! i really hope i'll win this time - super first time if ever.

this is cat limson, i want the animal prints please. size 6.

love, love your blog. tc :)

Rose said...

Ohh the floral one is pretty!
Im size 9 1/2 in Australian size.


trililpigs said...

i'll go home next month and i have a Phil. address so can I join? please? lakasan na lang ng loob, lol...i really love the floral one, size 8..thanks, Jeel =)

ghoent said...

weeee shoe giveaway! yey! :D

hi, i'm Ghoent (gent)!
Philippine alien with size 10 feet!

would really like the animal print! =)

Yna Amores said...

Hello Denise!
I'm Yna Amores
and I want the shoes with the animal print :))

Hope I win!

apples & dumplings said...

A new way of blog giveaway! Cool!
I'm Apples. And I want the Floral Print in size 8! :)

Jing said...

Iba ka Ms.D!you already.
I'm Jing Ayuban from Paranaque City
I want the floral print in size 6 please?haha ;D

Bachuchay said...

hahaha.. ang kulit ng mechanics..=)
I'm joining

Monette Nama.. and I would love to have the animal print shoe

My shoe size is 10.. hope kasya sakin kung size 9 ang biggest.. hehehe

Maria said...

Hi Denise,

I'll go with floral :)
I'm size 5

I love this giveaway. I'm thrilled about this giveaway. hahaha.

Diane Capile said...

Hi Denise!

leopard print looks good! Size 6

Carina G. said...

wow! you are generous! :)

animal print - size 7. :)

kiakiakiakia said...


animal print on 7 :)

this is a unique one

Larisse said...


Larisse Masipiquena wants the floral one, size 6 =)

cool giveaway, btw...

Anonymous said...

can I join? :) I'm ehla like the floral print Us8.5 :D

Number Two Lover said...

Wow, strict nga O:

I'm Almira
I'd like the floral print, size 7.5-8
Depende kasi yung sizing eh
Pero most probably 8

Thanks! :)

Hazel B. said...

animal print is love love love!
size 7 1/2
hazel b.

Giacca Tugob said...

Hi Denise!

I'm Gia Tugob. I'm definitely teased by the animal print shoes. :) Gotta love the zebra and leopard print! I'm size 7. :)

Ferj said...

Frehgel, Size 6 1/2 or 7 :)
This is mind fvkc. haha!
The floral shoe is ♥

Maudey said...


I'd love the floral one (size 9) so I can keep the summer feel! ^_^


27chic said...

Hi Mommy Denise. This is one extraordinary, a very authentic, very generous giveaway. I am Sigh. size 5. i love both prints. but this time i go for the animal print.
more power!

Joy said...

Shoe porn!!!

I am Joy. Some call me Imelda. Hahaha. I'd pick the floral one. The shoes I bought from you is 6, pero I'm 5.5 talaga. :D

Pick me! Pick me!

Lloyda said...

sali ako!!!

i like the animal print. size 6. :P

Cris Evert said...

Cris Evert P. Viray
animal print
size 39

mestizay said...

Am in!
Maureen Roco
floral print
size 7

charmie tamba said...

im worried i wont be able to wear the shoes right away because mine feet will be bloating in the next 3months... but il definitely walk on them once il pop! lemme join dennise!!

charm tamba
floral shoes please... size 8!!


wickeRmoss said...

top secret! i won't tell a soul promise!:))

animal print for moi pls?
sz 7/8 (depends on the shoe cutting)


thanks Ms.D!

Jed said...

Hi there.. Nice one. Jed here.. I go for the floral one, my size is 6. Pick me please!!^^

Michelle said...

WOW! So many entries! Nung nakita kong "Top Secret" inisip ko, WOW! MALAKI CHANCE KO! Pag scroll down ko.....


Haha! Joke lang! Anyways, Floral for Michelle Tiu and size 8.

Thank you sooo much for the giveaway!!

ohiread said...

Exciting giveaway Ms. Denise,I'd go for the floral shoes, size 7.5 please.:)Thank you.

Dyan Abad

Istin/Christine/Tin-Tin/ said...

Animal print please! Size 8 here.

I love your blog aaaaand your shoes! :)

Kate said...

Animal print, size 8 :)
Katrina M. Omar

:D thank u!

tish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wakalan said...


i'm a size 5

LiezyL said...

interesting giveaway! hmmm, i think id like the animal print in size 5(?)

earthgirl said...

I'm a floral kind of girl.

Having the animal print one... will really be unexpected! Sigh! :)

Name: Love del Rosario
Shoe size: 7
Shoe of choice: Animal print

Yay! =)

Rae said...

This is the coolest giveaway ever.

Rae A. wishing for the animal print shoe :P

Rae said...

This is the coolest giveaway ever.

Rae A. wishing for the animal print shoe :P

{Forgot to say I'm a size 7)

kathyroqs@yahoo.com said...

Hi Denise :) This is Kathy R. and I'm wishing for the floral print one (fingers and toes crossed!) I'm size 5!

Anna May Victoria Badilla said...

Hey Denise. Thanks for the heads up. Iba na talaga ang happy ang life. Namimigay na lang ng shoes! Hahaha. Anyway, Here's mine...

Floral, wedge. Size 10.
Cheers! :)

Belle said...

Floral for Belle
Size 6

exciting ito..
now ko lang nakita ganito kakaiba na rules.

goodluck sa atin lahat!


roanjean said...

Sali ako Denise ha!

Floral (sana wedge sya :P)
Size 7

Thank youuuu! :)

The Explosive Orange

Denise said...

tokayo kakaiba ang giveway na to! haha!

I wanna join!


<3 Denise

Czarina Callanta said...

hello Miss Denise! :)

Czarina Callanta ( i don't have a blog, sorry. i usually just lurk around fab blogs. :D )

i'm dying to have the animal print shoe in size 6 pleaseeeeeee.


mathea said...

i'm a certified Philippine Alien LOL. size 6 po please.tenchu!

kareen said...

I'm kareen,printed shoe wit a size of 7.. thanks:)

kareen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hi den!

animal print - size 7
mariz :)

gladi said...

Mabuti naman walang following required. Yuz! I usually can't join blog giveaways because they require us to follow on Twitter AND re-tweet AND blog AND like the contest on Facebook. It gets tiring after a while. But this one, ah, this one I can do. So here goes -

I'm Gladys. I'm a size 8 and I'd like the floral one.

Congratulations on the succes of Shoe Etiquette!

denise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
denise said...

Hello, Denise. This is Denise C. I'd love to have the floral one, size 7! :)

tinsantiago said...

Interesting shoe give away!! Tin Santiago I love the Animal Print shoe :) I'm size 9!

Lianne said...

Lianne Salcedo

floral, size 6 :)

marie16 said...

cute shoes! i love the floral one.. size 5
xoxo cherry marie

Roxanne said...

wow bongga, nakakaexcite naman 2..
Roxanne Limpante
Floral printed shoe please..
size 7 :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

Gizelle Faye Sembrano
Floral Printed Shoe ♥
Size 7


♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Genesis Paredes said...

I am Janis Paredes
and I looooove the floral printed shoe and I am size 8.... ps... I have a Philippine postal address too :))


belle said...

I love your rules...joining. :)

Belle, animal print, size 8.

GAIL A. said...


Floral printed shoes -- size 6

here's hoping i'll win!!! yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting giveaway! :o

Hi! I'm Sara. Size 6/6.5 please~ :D <3

Suyen said...

Cool! A no frills giveaway. I likey :)

Floral print shoe in size 7.

Anonymous said...

hi im rons (cutebare23@yahoo.com)
size 6

i want the viewtiful floral shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

denisseeeee!!!!!! :) mish here...soooo glad di complicated mechanics mo just like what you said in the email..hehe..:) ill go for the floral printed one..size 7...sana manalo..in time for my bday..haha..:) send my hugs & kisses to yllac!! :) -mishelle aslian

Anonymous said...

ei ms denise! yey for the simple mechanics! pammie mangila here. me wants the floral shuuuus! size 6.5 or 7. :D more power to you and your fab blog!

angelchu24 said...

Wow! You have a very creative contest.

I'm Atty. Chuchu and the floral shoes will definitely give the "ooompphh" to my corporate attire.

I'm a size 6.

cutie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cutie said...

carla diola here again... floral size 8 please! crossing finger...

The Adventure said...

hi. im apple, floral size 5 1/2 please

imriz said...

yey! that could be me? haha. i'd go for animal print coz i like to go "wild" (lol) sometimes. size would be 7, please:)

i'm getting too excited ms denise. regards to the baby:)

Abbie♥ said...

Hahaha such funny instructions! What a sweet surprise!♥
I'd love to have the floral one. :) Size 8.


Donna May said...

Love the animal print teeeh!!
shoesey, come to Mommy Dons.. HAhaha

size 8

Min said...

I want the floral one!!

size 6 please !

Min Viloria

fashioneggpplant said...

oooh yea!

floral print pls, size 7 :)

Sarah T.

ishang said...

This post of yours just made me feel so BETTER today. Looking at the shoes my heart leaps for joy. Nakaka-gaan siya ng araw especially today na lugmok ako sobra sa work!

Tough question. Hmm hmmm..wahaha

Okay here it is.
Animal print.
Iris B (a.k.a Ate I)
23 cm my foot size (it's size 6 i think)

Dahlj said...


floral design for meeh size 8!!!

Kolleen said...

Hi, Denise! It`s Kolleen Feria. Animal prints are always fierce, yes? I`m a size 7. :)

Pehpot said...

this is so cute! (kahit may halong sungit hahaha)

I go for floral 7.5 :)

Valerie said...

This is fun! Animal print please. Size 5.5-6

Valerie V.

treasurehuntress said...

Joiners! Love that your brilliant mechanics.
Love your eye for thrifted gems
Love your style

Love the animal print. Size 9

Junette Laxamana

lc king said...

Animal print
Previously a size 6, now a 7, or 6.5.
I seriously don't know. I could blame my almost 6-month old son for the shoe size fiasco but he's just too cute. :)

iamjillyace said...

Crazy for animal prints! ROAR! haha! This giveaway is awesome!


doccherry said...

Animal print pleeease! love it! This is CHerry size 7!

Roxy said...

Roxy hir..i am dying for the floral printed shoes! im size 7...:)

Kat said...

Kat here. :) Animal print, size 8.5

Dancing Queen said...

I'm Joy, new mom too!
I read your blog while breastfeeding and your posts really make me smile. Or laugh. :D Which is sometimes not so good because the baby gets distracted. :D

I'd love the floral print shoes, Size 8.5.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

mikhaela said...

I love your blog. I dont get to comment though because I just sneak out. bawal kasi mag-surf ng ibang sites sa office namin (hint, i work for a TV network) so unless it's about work, bawal. so i just usually sneak out. I've been following you since you weren't pregnant yet hanggang dumating si Yllac. you're so blessed and pretty. and i was one of those who were so happy for you.

anyway, i'd love the animal print, size 7. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise!!!

I want those shoes!!!

I'm Raquel Borinaga and I want floral printed shoes. My shoe size is 8..

I'm so excited!!!

LBSfashion said...

Size 5
Animal print

shĂȘ said...

I'm a silent follower of your blog but I really love your style and your mommy stories (i'm a mom too, gave birth to my 2nd boy last dec. 11, magkalapit lang tayo =))

I'd love to win the floral shoes. I'm Sheryl Corcuera and I'm a size 8. Thanks for this giveaway!

kariz said...

OMG free shoes!

It would be a betrayal of sorts for me to look away, let this pass and not post a comment.

FLORAL SIZE 8!! woot woot for whoever wins!! fairy shoe dusts for everyone!!

jassy said...

floral is my bit for the wedge one..the animal print got the heels..please let me win..love u too..=)

size 37 ..=D

jeng said...

hi! nice giveaway! i frequently visit your blog and adore it:!

i'm jeng and love to have the floral in 7 1/2 but the animal print is a killer too lol. take care! thanks:)

janpauline_11 said...

i like the floral shoes in size 8 :)
jan pauline de belen

jed said...

This is fun! I'd love to win the animal print shoes. I'm a size 6. =)


Anonymous said...

hi im C. - floral pls size 6. thanks

France Navarro said...

Hi! :) I'm France and I would love to have the animal print shoes size 8 please? Thank you! :)

denbilita said...

Hi I'm Denvie, size 8 for the floral flats (i hope it is!) Haha!

Avi said...

Hi denise!

Avigail Lourdes Arrogante
size 10
animal print


Tisha said...

Tisha Facun
Size 5
Floral print

Pam said...

Jordan "Pam" Hernaez
Size 5
Animal Print

Yna Amores said...

hello denise! I forgot my shoes size! Im a 6 :)


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