June 24, 2011

He Makes Me Happy. No Kidding

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Before I sleep I just wanna remember some of the things my husband said for the last couple of days that either made me laugh and doubt his sanity and double doubt my decision why I married him.

okay not in particular order:

  • He kept on asking me, more like begging me to change the name of Shoe Etiquette to Shoopalicious or Shoolahlah.
  • Earlier tonight I heard him talking to Yllac with all seriousness, complaining how Yllac is depriving him of sleep, that he's getting uglier, in his own words "ampanget na ni daddy, kamukha nya na si Aljur."
  • Sometimes he'd look himself at the mirror and ask me bench body na ba ako?
  • He's threatening me that he'll get rich one day and will never tell me.
  • a couple of days ago, while driving he was suddenly struck by this brilliant idea and murmured, how to lose weight in 30 seconds. - to beat all weight loss programs imaginable. He's planning on scamming the world.
I have no words. Spark is still there, more like electricity. For dumb and dumber-er i love him.I guess he's still the same man I married, he's gotten worse over the years. In a good kind of worse.

Goodnight friends.


Mimi said...

that's so sweet :)

Daphne said...

Haha. Oh my! Denise I'm telling you, he's a keeper! :)

roanjean said...

Ang sweet! This reminds of the boyfriend who tells me "Sya (John Lloyd) ang pangit na version ko."

The Explosive Orange

LBSfashion said...

you are soo sweeet xxx

sittie rainie limba said...

kyoooot so sweet tlga, I'm always reading your blogs ate den lalu na pag about sa lovelife mo ayiiii.. sna dumating ndn prince charming ko 2lad ni Kuya jayson hihihi

Michelle said...

Because of this post, he just made everyone else happy too! LOL

Tish said...

Hi there!

I'm a stalker and my name is Tish :)

I've neither animal nor floral printed shoes and I'll probably go with animal prints just because I think it's fierce.

I'm a 5 1/2, but since half sizes do not exist in the Philippines, I'll gladly squeeze my feet in a 5 and break in the shoes :)

belle said...

ang cute niyo lang ah... inlab na inlab.

Suyen said...

I like reading stuff like this because to me, this is love (as compared to cheesy, overly romantic stuff, I prefer the laugh out loud, silliness that couples have when they're with each other) :D

Dancing Queen said...

You're blessed to have funny hubby beside you :) I got myself one too, but he's miles and miles away. :(


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