June 5, 2011

Little Dots

Little dots
Little dots
Little dots
Little dots
Little dots
Little dots

The heat is a killer, but we got to do what we gotta do. We're going out a little later and my main concern is what-to-wear.

Happy Sunday my friends. Have fun and enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend.

dress: thrift
jacket: Ralph Lauren
brown wedge: Urbanog.com
double wrap belt: Mental


Anonymous said...

dami mong shoes. Ang sarap maging mayaman. picture picture lang ng outfit post.


Lauren said...

Hee, I love the second to the last photo. Looks like you're levitating :D

modniza said...

wonderful pics! love your dress and shoes! xoxoo

Sassy said...

I love your post :D
If you like my blog, you follow me.
I'll follow you too :)

Alla moda e con stile

Emilija said...

Lovely outfit!

Would you mind visiting/commenting/following my blog?


sittie rainie limba said...

supah cute! love ur shoes ate den. Want to buy some shoes din sa urbanog.com

Janelle said...

i love it when you take your pics outdoors! nice wide open spaces :)

toni | perfumed red shoes said...

gorgeous wedges, denise!
and i totally agree about the heat being a killer. its just so hard to dress up!

perfumed red shoes


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