July 25, 2011

Crochet And Dots. Lots of Dots

crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots
crochet and dots

Thrift Stores are the best place to build your closet. Ditch the malls and brands. Besides, you can find everything in a thrift store and believe ,name your brand, you can find it there in a fraction of a price. Just learn to dig deeper. Go to a place where it won't break your kid's college tuition fund. Yup! It is that nice. And thrift shops, they are my kind of awesome. Well at least for me.

Happy Monday everyone!

coat and h&m dress: thrift
boots: from mom


Krissy ♥ said...

I miss thrift-shopping. My old apartment is near a huge ukay place and I scored lots of pretty finds there. I hope I can visit again one of these days :)

Krystal Pearl said...

Hi Denise.. Where do you usually go for thrift shops? Nice items but not quite expensive.. Looking for one.. Thanks!

angry birds said...

hi, you are very beautiful :d

Ann said...

SO TRUE!!! ^^ Yey for Ukay! ^^

Mom Daughter Style said...

say Yes to Ukay! I love the dots.


ana b. said...

Pretty pictures! You look stunning and the red lipstick suits you, Denise.

ghoent said...

gandan ng dress especially with the crochet cardi! =) miss ko na magukay. i havta agree, just dig deep for the almost-new-one-of-a-kind pieces and tada! instant treasure! =)

Roxanne said...

i can totally relate on this post! a round of applause for your h&m dress ;)


sittie rainie limba said...

Super True! super Yes! i always love your red lipstick ate den =))


Lauren said...

I haven't had time to go ukay these days! I'll try to make time before I leave, it looks like I'm going to need warm clothes. Love your polka-dot dress by the way. :D


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