July 13, 2011

Full Bloom

a floral wrap around Liz Claireborne dress
pre owned platform sandals
a floral wrap around Liz Claireborne dress

I can never change. Can't stay away from prints and colors. I remember blogging weeks ago to get more muted hues. I did try my best to do all that but hey this is me. I love colors and clashing prints and I guess I am too old for change. I was born with spots. Ill just stick to that.

Liz Claireborn wrap around dress: My Own Thrift Shop
pre owned fake JC Foxy


Diane CMP :) said...

love your jc foxy! i'm following, follow back?


cherie said...

love the print of your dress! super vibrant!

Roxanne said...

i adore the shoes!! am envious, haha


Anonymous said...

love the shoesies..:)

Rae said...

The necklace that looks like cute heart bubbles is what I loved the most. I love your accessories :)

mestizay said...

i love the faux JC! the color is so perfect!:)

belle said...

don't ever change...you do prints so well Denise. ang cute naman ng heart heart necklace.


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