July 5, 2011

Sometimes It's Just All About The Shoes

Leona Jane
Leona Jane
Leona Jane

There are days when I don't feel like doing anything at all. And today is that day. Believe me in my case as a mommy, most days are like that. But you have to get up, soon as the baby wants to get up. And then you realize you're not just a mom, but a cook, a wife, a friend, a house keeper, an errand girl and if everything falls into place I do get to be a wardrobe blogger too, dress up and take pictures and tweet and facebook and last but not the least I also happen to sell shoes on-line. (check out my store Shoe Etiquette) Plugging!

It's crazy.

Sometimes i find myself so exhausted but really really hyped.

Do you get that feeling too?

So back to the shoes. Yes, sometimes when I don't feel like constructing my whole look for the day, I just let myself lose and just pick one pretty shoes to compensate the aftermath of my sluggishness.

So here is the shoe of the day, Leona Jane - A shoe named after a dear friend. You know what? Every girl needs a shoe, so ridiculous, that goes with nothing therefore goes with everything.

So what's your shoe of the day? Care to share?

Leona Jane is available at Shoe Etiquette.

thank you everyone who inquired, emailed and purchased my shoes. I heart you.


Michelle said...

Mommies are always multi-hyphenated wonders. :-) I can't imagine how you guys do it!LOL

Denise said...

@michelle with caffeine in the morning. lots of it.

Alina V. said...

Wow, these are some gorgeous shoes!!!!

Pehpot said...

I can feel you Denise... I have four kids and no yaya and helper (except for my sister who lives with me) and breastfeeding my youngest baby while trying to maintain a lot of blogs and earning online..

super kapagod most of the day.. check out my post about my complains as a mom hahaha

oh by the way, this shoes is super gorgeous and looks so comfy too. you know what I am becoming a shoe person too! hahaha

sana magka advertiser ako this week hahaha


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