July 5, 2011



Spent the last hours of today thinking about my life and some things I am sure you probably thinking about too.

What if I were suuuper rich or won the lottery or i have a dying millionaire relative that has no other family than me and gave him/her money to me that's twenty six times taller than me to buy shoes and a new car and boobs and lipo and all things I don't have now, will I be the same person? Probably not. I love myself now but I wanna get rich too. Like filthy rich.

Hello my friend, welcome to my mind.


ghoent said...

haha, i get and entertain those thoughts every now and then but i always end up being depressed (depressed talaga?!) altogether after reality kicks in. pero masaya naman mangarap, hihihi. =P

fashioneggpplant said...

i could use a tummy tuck! :P


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