July 11, 2011

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Last week started perfect and it ended with Koffy's health scare.

Okay, about Koffy, We had no idea about heartworm among dogs. I know tape worms but dog heartworm, never heard of it till last Friday. I wanna blame Koffy's vet for not informing us about this matter soon after his 2nd birthday so we could have prevented it, after all we're religious with his check up every other month since December of 2007 for his flee control medication and all his vaccines. I blame her because I trusted her with Koffy's life and health. She should have introduced us to this monthly preventives that could have spared Koffy from this disease. The sad truth, not all dog parents know about this deadly disease. Yes! including me. But the very good news is, there is a cure and koffy's on the early stage. And I hate myself even more after saying that, because it means Koffy won't be the same dog that he was. No more jogging, no more running, no more playing that lasts an hour, no more pork and beef. Koffy's a very excitable dog, and it hurts to think that we have to control his "emotions" now for he might go on cardiac arrest if he gets too excited or at least for the duration of his medication.

I hate what has happened. All I can do now is pray that none of those bad things happen to him. I want him to have more years. Koff's not just a dog to us but our first born. My mind goes back to all those days i was alone, but it's impossible to feel that because he follows me around like a tail. I know taking care of a dog is not easy. Emotionally it's never gonna be easy. It's every dog parent's worst nightmare to face that day when their dog's life comes to an end, but as much as possible we wanna prevent that and ignore the fact they can't be with us forever. Sometimes I think am i torturing myself for getting a pet that has a life expiration of ten years and grieve and cry and grieve some more for losing that part of my life? It's Anggo all over again. Our first family dog for 13 years. I was seven when we got him and he died when i was 20. And I swore never to have another dog again. But seven years later, my husband (boyfriend then) and i drove in front of a pet shop, saw a bunch of cute, loud boxers, an hour later we have got our first baby. Koffy was born.

It is Koffy's fourth birthday this coming October. In dog years, he is old. To me he is not old because he hasn't changed from the day we got him. And i love him so much it hurts. He is amazing, he loves me and the whole family. He likes Yllac so much and I completely trust him with our baby. Sometimes id leave the two of them alone and watch them from a distance and see them stare at each other at first, then Yllac would laugh the moment koffy kisses his foot and diaper. I want more of that. I want more memories. I want more pictures and videos of them together. I want more love. And today i received that reassurance that Koffy will get better. That's all i ever wanted right now more than anything. And I Am glad it's a happy week ending.

And to you my friend, I am grateful for all your prayers for my Koffy. You saved my boy's life. Thank you so much.

ps, if you have a dog, ask your vet about heartworm prevention. It is a nasty disease.


Anonymous said...

I am glad something can be done for what Koffy's had...i know a lot of pet owners who love their pets so much, but ur one of the few i envied.... i've got that irrational fear of dogs and seeing u with koffy had been one of my inspirations to overcome my fear...

God bless ur family more... better health for Koffy... more and more and more dog years!!!!!!!! <3

in Aie's shoes said...

I once lost a dog and it is so so sooo painful! I'm glad he's okay now. =)

Ann said...

I'm so glad kuya Koffy is OK!
Get well soon!

belle said...

ang senti lang pero muntik na talaga ako maiyak...i'm glad he's better now. but I rally feel bad about him not being able to run around. and na-feel ko na parang kuya siya ni Yllac. ang cute!


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