July 12, 2011

My Absolute Favorite

dress, jacket, wedge, brown handbag
dress, jacket, wedge, brown handbag
dress, jacket, wedge, brown handbag
dress, jacket, wedge, brown handbag
dress, jacket, wedge, brown handbag
dress, jacket, wedge, brown handbag
dress, jacket, wedge, brown handbag

Believe it or not I am always looking forward to whatever errand that must be done within the day. Sometimes Id schedule them into different days so I have a reason to dress up. I am a stay at home mom. Yeah. Do I need to elaborate? c",) well, It is hard being one. And when things start to become a repetition it can get claustrophobic. The closest I am to the outside world is in front of my computer screen. And it's not healthy. That's why I love selling shoes, finally people have the reason to talk to me. I lure them into talking to me using my shoes as bait. Well you know how girls are. And they gladly talk to me, mostly about their foot, it's size, how big, wide and narrow their foot. And I love talking to people. I used to shy away and be in the alone state of mind whenever am surrounded by people, but after being a mom, which is awesome by the way, but obviously I just can't be that spontaneous cool gal anymore when it comes to sudden urge to do whatever I want. A couple of days ago the whole family was planning a trip to the city and it just got me so excited and agreed to join them right away. Then husband asked the question that blew my head off, "how about Yllac?" OHMYDOG I am a Mother. So yeah, we didn't get to go. But it's okay. I can never be without my son. Whenever we're apart, even for just hours, my mind and heart stays with him. I am a headless, heartless zombie walking around. So it's not worth it. Maybe that's the reason I never did like the latest Transformers movie last week. But it's nice that the new girl is less annoying than Megan Fox.

jacket: Ralph Lauren
dress: thrift
shoes: Urbanog.com


mestizay said...

i loove your shoes babe!the neutral color is such a winner!
I can relate in planning errands so I can dress up.tehee.:)

Rae said...

Watched Transformers. I didn't miss megan fox. :P

I really really love those shoes.

evey ♥ said...

fell in love with ur shoes!!!

fashioneggpplant said...

love this simple outfit on you! you look perfect, and yes, i know exactly how you feel <3

modniza said...

love your outfit! pretty lady! xxxx

Lloyda said...

you look absolutely amazing dear! kelan ba tayo ulit magkikita?!?!!?

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love that dress! x

p.s. I'm having a giveaway for a $225 Orient Watch if you'd like to check it out. x

Lei said...

aw, I am so glad lauren led me to your site. I know exactly what you mean when you say "my heart and my mind stays with him" :) I am hoping to get in touch with you one of these days! thanks denise!


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