July 14, 2011



Today was nice. Tiring but real nice. Am here on our bed and sleep is the only thing my body screams for. I am drowsy, back aching, left scalp throbbing (Yllac's pulling my hair two at a time) but can't give in to sleep just yet until you hear my piece.

I had a great time with my boys. Koffy's not a dog today but a real person. He did not bark even once inside the house. Yllac on the other hand doesn't wanna put anything on and laughed each time Koffy chased the fly that's been sniffing his butt all day. Yllac laughed and laughed and It went on for minutes for a couple of times this afternoon. And it's kinda cute.....Yllac laughing so hard is just the most beautiful sound I have ever heard my entire life. Ever. I need to catch that fly to say thank you for being so gross as to sniff koffy's butt that made Yllac so happy.

But to tell you honestly, being a stay-at-home mom is difficult. At first. At first means for the first 4 months especially for first time moms. On difficult days, you find a new meaning to the word adjustment every single day. Because everyday the baby's changing and the moment you think you've adjusted to the new phase of the baby, the baby's just launched the newest side of them. It's carayzee. It's never ending. It's FUN.

So after 4 months of being a mom(today, soon to be 7th month), I am thankful that I am a stay-at-home mom. Talking to other moms over emails gives me this feeling of great luck and advantage for not having to work outside of my home. Okay. My working environment is not different from yours I got to say. My officemate is a dog and the other one is a screaming baby that needs to be babied all the time. I'm sure once or twice you've worked with dogs and babies too right?

Anyway, boy am I glad no one wanted to hire me to work on a real office and miss all these? I am thankful I got to stay with my babies all day. All i need is a reliable, fast camera so the husband won't miss all the fun. Because it's a bit hard telling stories without the evidence pictures. And besides, photos are great reminders how worthy my day was. And it gives me a happy sleep.


charmie tamba said...

:-) nice! just remembered your email to me kanina... hehehehe ur crazy day was just about to start... and mukhang super fun! ;D

belle said...

Denise... Can I just say your blog warms my heart. Everytime you talk about Yllac, I feel so proud of you. I know that's weird but that's just me.

And can I just say, left photo on the last row "heartbreaker". kakagigil@

ghoent said...

awww this is a super nice approach on things. Yllac is equally lucky for having you and your dear husband. =) beautiful photos! =)

Krystal Pearl said...

Wow Denise. I am so happy for you. I don't want to miss a single post from you especially if it's about Yllac and Koofy. They're so cute. =) I am pregnant and I'm in my 5th month. I'm super duper scared but excited though. Do you have any advice that you can give me? It's my first time and I'm super scared.. =)

Ann said...

so adorable, those two! ^^

Bilib ako sayo sis, promise! ^^


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