July 6, 2011

First Love Never Die

Floral and stripes on the road
Floral and stripes on the road
Floral and stripes on the road
Floral and stripes on the road
Floral and stripes on the road
Floral and stripes on the road

Oh it's such a curse to be one. So glad I am nobody's first love, imagine to not die and live till the end of the world? c",) Anyway, I love public transport in the Philippines. I really do. You'll never get bored especially if you're a reader. The best one I've read so far was at the back of the tricycle that says "Ang buhay at mahalaga, kaya huwag kang TATANGA-TANGA." yes, tatanga-tanga was written in bold letters (life is precious, so do not be a fool cccc",)) gah, it sounded better in Filipino. But It shook me to the core and has become my mantra in life.

Hope you're all having a fabulous week. I am so excited for the next days to come. A family has come home and we will spend all of our time together as much as we can. Just like the wisdom-ous tricycle once said, life is precious, life is short so .... you know the rest of it.

top and bangle: from mom
skirt: thrift
shoes: Urbanog.com


ghoent said...

hahaha! eternal life para sa mga first love. #winner

your shoes! <3

Rae said...

Na-love at first sight ako sa shoes mo.

Roxanne said...

ang cute ng jump shot, pangarap din naming makapagpapicture ni sittie sa 4lanes.. hahaha


sittie rainie limba said...

yes! natuwa nmn ako dun ate den.. every time na nadadaaan ang bus na sinasakyan ko d2 lage ko naiisip mgpapicture kaso hiya ako, hahaha... ur so pretty, and in fairness sa gitna tlga ng daan? hahahaha kyoooott d'best tlga!

Kimberly said...

so cute!

XO Kimmy

Label me Addict said...

you have got great taste in shoes babe!!! i understand what you mean when you say living in tropical climate, you wear light! i always wonder when it will rain so that i can wear my stylish rain boots out and when it gets cold enough for me to wear layers... which hardly happens....



Myrted said...

When I saw your pics, the place is just an utterly familiar road to me!!! And when I scanned your sidebar... THERE!!!!! IT'S BATAAN!!!!! That is the road where the buses come and go when travelling here to Manila. Omg, we have the same province. :D I'm so glad to find someone like you here in the blog-world. :D


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