July 17, 2011

Real Life


Can you think of anything cooler than spending your afternoon at the park? I could have just lay in bed, sleep and not wake up for the next 100 years. But the more tiring my day was the more i wanted to end it with a treat such as going away from home, even for just minutes away from home. And even though it is much easier to stay home than spend extra 30 minutes on preparing the diaper bag, buckling the babies to the car, still i crave for the convenience of not washing dishes on my last meal of the day - just sit, relax, not think of anything but that moment, and let people serve me even for just a little bit of time.

The next following days will be a huge challenge for me and my husband because we have decided not to keep our house help anymore.


I am that brave.


We'll see. If Denise Katipunera remain silent for next week, that means I am dead. Simple as that.

I am now doubting my decision making prowess. Yeah I know. There's a very thin line between bravery and stupidity and that thin line is what you call the bonehead.


Ann said...

Good Luck Denise! ^^

UnaBb said...

Wow,lovely pics!
Wish you good luck!

BABI said...

nice photos! goodluck! :-)

Jing said...

i love your skirt,Ms.D!the color and style-ganda!

pinkmate said...

i love this post! made me laugh! though i'm a single girl, i wish i'm as brave as you without having a yaya!


duckalicious said...

these photos are really lovely. how's Koffy, everything under control?


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