July 15, 2011


brown blue gold silver
brown blue gold silver

Brown, blue, gold and silver. Not one of them is my favorite color but together they look nice. Well, at least in my eye.

And this brown bag? I love this bag. Got this a long time ago from thrifting and the more i use it the more it gets shiny. If you're not thifing yet, you're missing on a LOT. A lot. Do not be afraid of the dirt. It's where you find the gold. charing but true story!

dress and bag: thrift
scarf: from Hong Kong
Cammie wedge booties: Shoe Etiquette


sittie rainie limba said...

super truelalu =)) halina't mag UKAY tayo!

myfloorisred.com said...

Hello Denise!
It was such a long time last I was here. You always look beautiful, I love this mix of blue shades and brown! :-*

Janelle said...

cute ensemble... and what a great bag find! you're very lucky with your thrifting trips!

Roxanne said...

love the colors miss D!! a world without ukay is just toooo scary, hahaha ;)

6roove said...

the bag is lovely!
and gosh, today i wore the same bracelete! but i have only one piece ;]]


pinkmate said...

That outfit is pretty cool! I do love uk uk! glad to find your blog! following you already, you might want to follow each other?



Sweet said...

I have been trying to thrift lately but I am just stuck with so many workloads....I love the prints dear...and the color on your outfit plus that bag...the entire outfit is beyond perfection...


Miu said...

I especially like the scarf!


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