August 27, 2010

Color, Print, and Lace


Inspiration from Beyond Boston Chic 

Fashion is fun. Fashion may vary within a society according to age, generation, occupation, and geography as well as over time, but fashion itself never discriminate. People discriminate, but never fashion. Whether you're rich or poor, tall or small, young or old, even from size 0 to size 100, fashion caters to all.

I love people watching. Am especially an eagle eye when it comes to what they wear. Not particularly looking for their latest take on trends, but rather on how they coordinate colors and accessories to express individual style. I especially like beam of colors, simple cuts and comfy well-worn shoes. Nothing beats comfort. You can see from the happy face of a person when they're comfortable on what they wear. Well, it's been said time and time again,  there's just certain confidence in comfort.  

Have an amazing Friday everyone! 

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Ann said...

I heart the first and the last photos the most Denise,=).

itahl said...

wow... so colorful..

They know how to play with different colors.. :) It's mixed and match. :)

Kookie B. said...

these are super pretty inspirations!!! are you going to the Glitterati event? hope to see you there!

NBeteck said...

Hot mamas! So wonderful! This is why I love thrifting, unique things you cant find anywhere else!


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