August 16, 2010

Pastel Delight

pastel 1

Am not one of those who plans their wardrobe in advance. I just usually grab the first thing that comes into my mind, or just play around the shoe that i wanted to wear. Or sometimes my whole wardrobe revolves around my at-the-moment bag. I love colors but honestly colors are tricky. 

Since now that dressing up has been challenging me since my tummy has gotten bigger and bigger, I realized i needed to at least try the clothes I wanted to wear the night before to see if i still fit on them. Especially that am getting larger on my hips and butt area, and I can't believe not even my husband's shorts fit me anymore. Maybe it's time to shop. 

So shopping huh? I know what i want for the whole period of my pregnancy. Yes. I want colors. Warm, nice colors. I lack of pastels in my closet so this time am going for them. Everything is changing so fast, I might as well go with the flow with flying colors. 

Have a great Monday everyone. 

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Miu said...

Yeah, why not go shopping and finding some great colourful clothes?

Manila Girl said...

You make pregnancy glamorous darling. ;-)

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

You're awesome :)

sweet said...

colorful pregnancy Denise...
just my guess, i think your child will be a girl...since you've been loving colors lately...

keep it up dear!!!

do not worry too much about your wardrobe...there are still a lot of possible things that can happen, great things too...

Take care always my dear!!!


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Thank you dear.


kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing x

evey ♥ said...

i love mix and match :) it saves a lot of money from buying new ones again and again :)

hope u will have a safe delivery soon!.. xo for u and the baby!

Oana said...

These magazine pages are sooo awesome! Pity i can't read the article :) What magazine are they from? any online issue,maybe? :D
I am so fascinated about finding new ways of combining colors!

btw, i'm also lacking pastel colors in my wardrobe. So that will make two of us searching after that :)

p.s. your great for how you choose all those beautiful, colorful, feminine dresses, in those fabulous colors and patterns! Just love to see your posts!
Wish you a beautiful pregnancy!


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