August 30, 2010


coffee deprived

OLA! Am currently sitting in a corner surrounded by the best aroma in the world - coffee. Am tempted. One to three sip won't hurt me right???? Please say so. 

Why is is that this black drink is sooooo good? But being a sensible mom to be keeps me in check that all the sacrifices am doing now is not for me anymore but most of all, for this little person who's kicks are much stronger now as days pass by. It's nothing painful or anything. It just feels a little weird and a little scary each time the movements are becoming more precise and strong, especially when i can feel them with my hands. Am used to it by now but the daddy shrieks each time he felt those cute karate punches. Am telling you, there's nothing in this world more magical than that - Both the daddy's crazy shrieks and baby's kicks. What can I say,  that's the best kick in the world and so far the best punch in my gut id love to feel over and over again.

A big Hi and Hello to everyone! Good night and have a sweet sweet dream.


Erin (penny. LA) said...

Aw, you're too cute!

I am scared of the day where I will have to give up caffeine for a while... but it will be for a good cause. ;)

Ann said...

It'll all be worth it girl, when you see your baby--no amount of coffee will able to give that to you,=) lol. tiis-tiis lng muna,=). TC!!!

sweet said...

love the still look lovely...despite the funny expression...

well, every mother will do anything for their babies...

kisses love


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