August 15, 2010


denim and lace
denim and lace
denim and lace
denim and lace
denim and lace

And it is pronounced, fashion-able. Sounds better ei?

I don't have a five star budget when it comes to anything. Luxury isn't me, not in my genes. But that doesn't stop me from dreaming of becoming filthy rich one day. But right now that imaginary wealth lies only in my head. A girl can dream right?

Anyway, when it comes to fashion, we should know by now, that it's not always about the brand and price. It's all about your own style and having lots of fun, adventure, discovery while learning your way through it. Personally my style has evolved big time since the day I discovered ukay-ukay (thrift stores). I was liberated from the mentality of brand consciousness many people are being possessed for an unexplainable reason. Not that there is wrong with that, but personally I got myself out of that confined box of clothing labels. 

A week ago I was in a mall and I just can't find anything. I must be losing my touch. Everything seem to be very expensive. (I have a feeling that my mother is the proudest mom on earth now, cos she knows how much I used to spend on shoes and clothes.) And i find myself drifting back to my favorite thrift store. I miss the variety of clothes that is offered, the cost to nothing price tag and of course the smell. hhhmmmm. My mother ship is calling me back. 

Since am feeling chatty today let's talk about this outfit. The top is borrowed from husband which I will continue to do so till December. The belt is from YRYS. 50php each. I used two belts here cos one belt won't wrap me anymore. The skirt is from Promod. Bought it on sale, from 1800php to 350php. And this shoe is from VNC. Of course it's on sale too. From 2500php to 500php. And that, ladies and gentlegays is fashion-able. 

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top: H&M, borrowed from husband 
skirt: Promod
shoes: VNC
belt: YRYS


Jing said...

agree! i love the "fashion-able" word. cute outfit Ms.D! =)

charmie tamba said...

i super love the skirt denise! :-) you didnt look so preggy front view... nice!

WendyB said...

Love the shoes.

Janis said...

nagsesale pala ang promod ng bonggang bongga sa pinas :) it's good to know.

i like your aura... so fresh :D
ur one of the prettiest pregnant women i know.

Baśka said...

fashion-able, stylish and beautiful. that's how i name it :)) and it's even greater that everything was cheaper than expected :)

Anonymous said...

You're glowing. So pretty mo momma. You're 5 months na di ba? medyo maliit sya. Pregnancy is different for every woman naman, for me 4 months pa lang ang laki ko na.

Stay healthy. I love your blog. Koffy is so cute. You must have an amazing life. Congrats.


Rose said...

ohhh you can really see your bump here :) you look so lovely.


Bea said...

I know. I now love window shopping in malls but rarely ever actual shopping. I am just getting more and more tight with my money as I am getting older :) I have to admit that I am proud of myself for it though!

I admire girls (especially style bloggers) who are not brand conscious!

B from A plus B

sweet said...

super gorgeous Denise, totally glowing!!!! love the style with the belts...i can see the bump now!!!!

super gorgeous!!!

take care always dear

kiakiakiakia said...

u sure can still dress up beautifully even your baby continues to grow. Cool mom!

VintageBELAmour said...

I love the shoes :)


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