August 19, 2010



The idea of death scares everyone, and yes including me. Nobody wants to die unless you're a freak. So let's make it fun. Say, we all go to heaven. Weeeeee!!!! So in my head my idea of heaven would be....
  • Friends, family, husband's smell and Koffy's slimy kisses.
  • Being healthy, happy, quirky and fun
  • Beach, sun, perfect tan
  • Cheese cake, pizza and all the sugary fatty food
  • Dust-free home, and a pimple free skin
  • A Cadillac, a vintage store
  • Dogs and babies
  • Paris, Egypt, Greece, Barbados, Morocco and the whole wide world. 
  • Fish balls
Well that's it for now. How about you? What's your idea of heaven?

Have a great day. See you all in heaven. Don't forget to bring your embellished halos. 

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dress: old, bought from a Bazaar
jacket: very old, since 2001
shoes: Possibility


Rose said...

I love your list! oh but minus the fish balls ;)
Death is deffinately a scarey thing. Not so much myself dying, but the idea of anyone close to me is more terrifying. And working in the last ward I worked in, it was all too real, so so sad. But I also realised that death is part of life, as is birth.
So I love what you have written in this post! Hope you are having a nice week Denise.


Pammy said...

I love your list of heaven. Say, see you in that kind of heaven. :P

I'm digging those shoes. :)

Janis said...

ako rin love ko all! except: Cheese cake & pizza :D
ewan ko nga ba sis!!!

nakikita ko na ung baby bump sis!! i am so excited for you

evey ♥ said...

youre cute in ur dress today. and i saw ur bump so kyot :)

Melai said...

Haven't thought of my idea of what heaven is. I just want to see my brother there. :)

Love your outfit Ate Den. This one's cute and I love your shoes! Always makes that nice pop of color :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Clara said...

lovely dress!
amazing combination

janettaylor said...

Lovely dress!

lancelonie said...

I like how you paired your yellow shoes with that. It gives an eye-popper!

Fickle Cattle said...

winner ang shoes. rampa.

sweet said...

list of heaven??? ahahahah so many things...all FUN FUN FUN...everything is FREE and being with all your friends and family hehehehe its a total paradise...hahahh

love the shoes Denise...and the baby bump is showing na hehehehe!!!

take care love


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