August 31, 2010

Crochet or Knit????


inspiration from Fashiontoast 

Ill say it again, Hoooray for Ukay-Ukay (thrift stores)!

Last summer i've found a crochet dress exactly like that. The length, the color, but mine has two cute pocket in front. Score! Since it's cold and raining now i think am gonna wear it today. Yey. Hopefully the rain stops this afternoon so we can finally go out and enjoy this cold weather aside from the view from our window. 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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Ann said...

Yes, hooray for Ukay,=) I've got some lovely finds myself just this weekend.
Can't wait to see your outfit post for that dress,=)

Pammy said...

Oh boy. I wish I can also go shopping at ukays but my nose is just annoyingly oversensitive. Triggers my allergic rhinitis. Too bad because there is an ukay shop one house away from our house. :(

Erin (penny. LA) said...

I love the chunky knit dress. <3 I always feel like chunky knit isn't kind on my body, though - I don't own a lot of it.


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