August 29, 2010

Prison Break

fave stripe top
fave stripe top
fave stripe top
fave stripe top 

This is my most favorite top of all time. (seen worn here and here) Can't count how many times I've already worn this in so many different occasion. But I decided to give it a long vacation now since baby and I can't squeeze into it no more. 

Everybody loves stripe, everyone has one because stripe is classic and it's been a fashion staple for everyone even before fashion became a world wide institution. Even inmates way back from the 1930's sport this print. Isn't it classy? Wish they'd throw that ugly orange jumpsuit and bring back the stripe.   

So bye bye top and hello harem pants. Am afraid you're gonna see a lot of this pants for the duration of my pregnancy. This is sooooo comfortable, and soft, and it feels like you're just wearing your pajamas. I bought this from Mint for 400php i think. So it's a good bargain. I saw similar pants like this from other local brands and they charge much more. So go to Mint and get your piece of stylish pjs. 

Have a great Sunday everyone! I love rainy days like this, just snuggle, read and have a cup of coco. And for me this is the best time to slather my feet with petroleum jelly and cook them overnight with socks, so tomorrow they'll be super soft. No more friction when i rub them together......Yes you got me, am a foot rubber. How about you? Are you a foot rubber too? And what's your favorite drink on rainy days like this? hhhmmmm I feel cozy talking about this simple stuff.

God Bless everyone! 

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top: thrift
pants: Mint
shoes: YRYS


Noelle Chantal said...

hi Denise! how are you? looking happy as ever. and also looking so blooming with the baby bump. :)

and i'm excited to see you and other bloggers on Wednesday! love the harem pants by the way! :)

Miu said...

I wish you a great Sunday, too!

When it's rainy and uncomfortable outside, I love to cuddle up on the couch and drink a cup of hot tea.

Well, season starts soon :)

Baśka said...

i totally understand that those pants are being the most comfortable for you now, so you should definitely wear them, and btw they're really great!

Little Miss Bagaholic said...

The harem pants look really nice and comfy! I wish I have the guts to wear them, too. I don't know why I believe I can't pull it off. :)

Erin (penny. LA) said...

I would DIE for a rainy day! It's always sunny and dry here in Los Angeles. I love cocoa, too.

I just did a post on stripes this morning - found a great striped tee at Gap yesterday. ;) It's certainly a classic.

What socks do you use when you put petroleum jelly on them? I would love to do the same, but cotton socks don't work too well with that!

Candycane said...

Looking gorgeoius dear, the stripes suit your bump perfectly!

Have a great sunday - it sounds like you will :D

Sal xXx

Velire said...

gaaah remind me that I MUST take a picture with you Denise :D You look amazing and you pull off the harem pants well.

:) Cant wait to see you this Wednesday. We should definetely have an all bloggers picture :)

p.s. i do the vaseline thing too and i love hot choco on rainy days :)

What Was I Thinking? said...

Hi Denise!! This outfit is the best, you are absolutely glowing :D

Kookie B. said...

another chic momma to be!!!! i love this, denise!!! the harem pants are so cool! and love the addition of the red shoes! makes the outfit pop!

WendyB said...

You (two) look so cute!

sweet said...

You are blooming Denise...and whatever you actually look great in it...

especially this one...not the ordinary pregnant woman!!!

so stylish!!!

Kisses love

wulanasihsetyarini said...

hi again denise.. long time no see..

wow, you look great and beautiful on your it the 1st pregnancy?
hopefully everything will be fine for you and your child..

HauteMangoGirl said...

you look gorgeous! love the pants.

Lindsey Anne said...

Denise, I just love your blog. I discovered it the other day and have enjoyed flipping through the archives. The photos are great and I love your style. The stripes in this post are so chic. Congrats on the baby!


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