August 15, 2010


koffy face

This is Koffy's favorite coffee shop. As you can see It has a huge lawn - an open space where he can walk/run, play and sniff around. No wonder he likes it here. And right now this is where we always wanted to go, just sit, talk about anything, and basically just relax.

Anyway, notice anything with the photos? We're using a different kind of lens since my last post. We swapped our 18-105mm zoom lens with our friend's 35mm af-s prime lens for about a month. Am loving the bokeh. Thank you Darwin

Oh my my! My Sunday is good. We're going out again a little later. I love days like this. 

So how's your weekend? Hope you're all doing wonderful.


jaassnnaa said...

sweet dog..:) like the pic

Manila Girl said...

Awesome photos. :-)

Miu said...

Haha, I like the first photo of Koffy :)

Rose said...

awww Koffy! so cute!
These photos look amazingly clear.
My weekend was pretty good, finally got to spend a weekend with Mikey, its so hard to find time to spend together with my shift work and Mikeys uni.


dred said...

you're photos are always lovely denise.:)

Janis said...

mine's not so good, had to work tonight, 10 pm call time... huhuhu... looking at ur photos.. i feel the breeze of pinas :D


Velire said...

I love the photos. I did notice the pictures seemed somewhat different, the bokeh in the pictures stood out. Makes me want to get lens soon. :) hehehe. Lovely look once again Denise. Happy weekend dear! :D

lancelonie said...

Lovely shots! Hope you had a great weekend, Denise!!!

Mia said...

Cute dog! <3

sweet said...

Koffy looks like he is having fun...look at his cute eyes!!!

lovely photos Denise!!!

take care always
kisses to you and Koffy!!!!

meryl jalani said...

Hello denise!

I dont know if you remember me, but I posted something about you and my guilt. Here's the link:

God bless you! <3


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